AIM for the Cure Dinner


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Please join fellow supporters of AIM for Mental Health for its Second Annual AIM for the Cures Dinner during the Concours d’Elegance event week. 

AIM for Mental Health is working with Interim, Inc. to auction off Eyvind Earle serigraphs during the live auction portion of their event.

The mission of AIM for Mental Health is to raise money for mental health research for children, teens, and young adults; to raise awareness of the tremendous increase in mental health disorders in our nation’s youth; and to eliminate the stigma.

The following pieces will be available during the live auction. All pieces come framed and proceeds will benefit Interim, Inc. [Read more…]

Retired NFL player Walker brings message of resilience to Monterey

Retired NFL player Herschel Walker​ brings message of resilience and hope –  that it’s OK to seek help for mental health issues.

“When I got out of this hospital, some of my closest friends thought I was a vampire,” he said. “It was scary (for them) I went to (a) mental health hospital, they thought I had a disease. But I didn’t care, because I’d seen the light. Now I feel better.”

WRD wins Gold Nugget Award for Interim, Inc.’s Rockrose Gardens

Interim, Inc. is proud to have partnered with Wald, Ruhnke & Dost Architects on our latest housing project, Rockrose Gardens. WRD was recognized with a Gold Nugget Award for Rockrose Gardens in the category of Affordable Community Housing.

Congratulations to WRD for their fantastic work on Rockrose and their work supporting Monterey County!

MHSOAC County Spotlight: MCHOME, Lupine Gardens, & Sunflower Gardens

Prop 63 funds are at work in counties throughout California. Here are some highlights of current programs that are making a difference for Californians.