Registered Nurses Perform a Variety of Activities at Interim:

Medication Administration and Management:

  • Assist patients with medications
  • Coordinate medications prescribed by Psychiatrist
  • Administers IM medications
  • Review medications and communicate with prescribing physicians to ensure medications are up to date and accurate
  • Review medication logs to ensure accuracy
  • Assist Psychiatrist with patient care
  • Facilitate linkages with doctors and pharmacies

Client Wellness and Care Coordination:

  • Conduct and utilize client need assessments for the development and tracking of client centered treatment planning
  • Assist clients in attaining community stability and reaching their health, recovery and rehabilitation goals
  • Assist clients with their physical and mental health recovery process by developing the skills necessary to lead independent lives in the community
  • Provide psychiatric and other education and advocacy to patients, patients’ families and others
  • Obtain and coordinate resources for a variety of health-related issues as they arise
  • Counsel clients individually to set, track and achieve rehabilitation and recovery goals
  • Establish and maintain linkages with medical providers
  • Maintain treatment plans and other client information
  • Identify, assess and respond to crisis situations
  • Coordinate with multidisciplinary staff team members, i.e. Psychiatrist, Nurses, Family Partner, Peer and other staff to provide patient care