(Holidays and Vacation time are combined and referred to as Vacation Leave.)

For employees hired into Regular positions after 1/1/2011:

Service Anniversary Date

Each Pay Period

Approximate Full Year Equivalent

Hire date to 1st Anniversary

7.38 hours

24 days

1st Anniversary to 3rd Anniversary

8.00 hours

26 days

3rd Anniversary to 5th Anniversary

8.62 hours

28 days

5th Anniversary to 7th Anniversary

9.23 hours

30 days

7th Anniversary  to 10th Anniversary

10.15 hours

33 days

10th Anniversary and above

10.77 hours

35 days

Note: The accrual rates remain the same for employees hired into Regular positions before 1/1/2011

Actual accrual is based on regular hours worked in a 40-hour workweek (not on any overtime hours) and will be prorated for eligible employees who work less than 40-hours per workweek.


Based on a 40 hour workweek, you accrue at the rate of 6 hours per month (9 workdays per year). Actual accrual is based on regular hours worked (not on any overtime hours), and is prorated for eligible employees who work less than 40 hours per week.


For employees who work 20 hours or more per week, Interim offers three Anthem Blue Cross plans: Silver Plan w/Co-Pay, Silver Plan w/HSA and Gold Plan w/Co-Pay. Interim pays the full plan premium for the Silver Plan w/Co-Pay and Silver HSA Plan for an employee who works fulltime, 33 or more hours weekly (80% for a 30-32 hour schedule and 50% for a 20-29 hour schedule). Interim also currently makes a contribution each pay period to an HSA bank account set up by an employee who enrolls in the Silver HSA Plan. Employees who choose the Gold Co-Pay Plan will pay the difference in employee plan cost above the Silver HSA Plan. Dependent participation is at the employee’s option and the employee must pay the entire dependent premium. Employees are eligible the first day of the month following two months’ employment.


For employees who work 30-32 hours or more per week, Interim offers a preferred provider dental insurance plan and a VSP (Vision Services Plan) vision insurance plan. Interim pays the full premium for the employee working full-time (80% for a 30-32 hour schedule). Participants may enroll dependents and pay the full dependent premium. Employees are eligible the first day of the month following two months’ employment.


For employees who work 33 hours or more per week, Interim provides $15,000 of group term life and AD&D insurance. The premium is fully paid by Interim.


Interim pays employees who are eligible but decline medical/dental/vision insurance a monthly payment in-lieu (in place) of the insurance. Employees who work 33 hours or more per week must provide proof of other medical coverage. If an employee declines medical but elects to enroll in dental & vision coverage, premiums will be deducted from the in-lieu amount. Employees who work 20-32 hours per week receive a prorated in-lieu amount. Proof of other medical insurance is not required. Payments will commence the first of the month after two full months of employment. (It’s noted on your paycheck as a “waiver credit”.)


An EAP provides support and guidance for personal issues that affect your life and may affect your work. Examples are issues such as family relationships, financial pressures, dependent care needs, balancing work and home life, etc. Training and education resources are also provided. Regular employees have access to consult with a professional counselor by telephone, or face-to-face if needed. Services provided are strictly between the employee and the EAP and Interim is not informed that an individual employee has sought assistance from the EAP.


Interim has established a 403(b) Plan to help you provide greater financial security for you and your family. The Plan helps you provide for your future financial security through personal savings, tax savings, and possible contributions from Interim, plus the potential investment returns on those savings.

The 403(b) plan offers you an easy way to save for your retirement through pre-tax and/or post-tax deductions from your paycheck. If you invest pre-tax, neither the amount you choose to save nor the earnings on those savings are taxed until you begin to receive payments from the plan. If you invest post-tax, those savings are not taxed further.

All employees are eligible to contribute beginning with their first full pay period. After the first year of employment in a regular position, Interim may match a portion of the amount you contribute per plan eligibility requirements. Currently we match 100% of your contribution, up to 3% of salary. You are immediately vested in your own contributions and any agency match. Interim may also make periodic discretionary contributions to those who are eligible for the agency match. There is a vesting schedule for discretionary contributions. Such contributions would be based on agency cost savings that result from operating efficiently and safely, and avoiding unnecessary costs. Decisions on matching contributions and any additional discretionary contribution are made annually by the Board of Directors.