Counselors Perform a Variety of Activities at Interim:

Case Management:

  • Conduct assessments, intake, and discharge processes
  • Assess clients for suicidality, violence
  • Identify, assess and respond to crisis situations
  • Assist clients with self-administration and management of medications
  • Develop, write, review and update treatment plans
  • Oversee client charts, financial records and other client goals and outcomes
  • Communicate with psychiatrists, primary care physicians, Case Coordinators, homeless and housing, social security and other benefit providers

Mental Health Counseling:

  • Assist with practicing mental illness relapse prevention skills
  • Provide counseling and psychoeducational skills building on an individual and/or group basis
  • Identify mental illness symptoms and assist clients with developing symptom management skills
  • Teach and assist clients with practicing mental illness relapse prevention and independent living skills

Other Activities:

  • Facilitate family meetings, house meetings, and social events
  • Assist clients in establishing recreational, educational, or employment, cooking/food, housecleaning, yard maintenance activities, and moving belongings, as needed