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MCHOME Holds First Foot Care Event for Homeless Clients

By December 5, 2022No Comments

Sonja Sheppard, Nurse Administrator, partnered with Will Smith, MCHOME Program Director, to host a foot care event on November 17th. The MCHOME program provides outreach to homeless adults with psychiatric disabilities to get them off the streets and into permanent housing. Will Smith said, “I think this was a great event and the clients who came really enjoyed it. Sonja was amazing at providing foot care and clients easily opened up to her. It was a great and creative way to connect with our clientele and the community.” One appreciative participant said, “I feel like I’m walking on clouds.” Though some were hesitant at first, they joined in and allowed themselves to be pampered for a short while. Guests also indulged in chili and other food, and left with a bag of goodies and items to continue self-care. MCHOME staff member Antonio Garibaldi was impressed by Sonja’s ability to “transform weary, doubting clients into shining rays of sunshine.” This event was such a success, another is already being planned!