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Generous Donor Starts Barbara Mitchell Housing, Healing and Hope Fund

By December 5, 2022No Comments

Eugene Mirabella recently made a donation with an interesting requirement. His funds could only be used to create a fund named in honor of Barbara Mitchell. The fund will be used to support direct client services. Eugene explained the motivation for his donation, saying “I met Barbara almost 50 years ago. I recognize everything she has done for people with mental illness. Since she will be retiring soon, I thought establishing a fund in her honor was something she deserved.”

After some discussion, the Board of Directors established the Barbara Mitchell Housing, Healing and Hope Fund, using Eugene’s funds as seed money.

Interim residents sometimes have essential needs or expenses that will enhance their quality of life but have no money or are without sufficient income to pay for them. Funds from the Barbara Mitchell Housing, Healing and Hope Fund can be used for extraordinary health-related expenses — dental, vision, or other healthcare not covered by Medi-Cal or Medicare, school or work supplies and equipment, move-in expenses, and grooming and hygiene supplies.

To donate by mail, send donation to PO Box 3222, Monterey, CA, 93942.

To donate online, visit: https://www.interiminc. org/bmhhhfund. For more information, call the Development Office at (831) 649-4522 ext. 205.