10th Annual Embracing Wellness and Recovery Conference Inspires the Community

By November 2, 2018 August 12th, 2019 No Comments
The 10th annual Embracing Wellness and Recovery Conference, hosted by Interim’s OMNI Center, provided hope and inspiration to approximately 300 attendees, who came together on October 2nd in Salinas. Attended by clients, family members, community members and staff of Interim and other local community agencies, the annual event encourages sharing and improve mental health. Planned and produced by the peer run OMNI Center with the assistance of Interim’s Supported Education and Employment Services program (SEES), the conference has grown larger every year.
With a theme of  “Creating Change Through Storytelling,” featured presenter, Bruce Anderson, from Community Connections, Inc,  demonstrated how professionals, advocates and peers can use the medium of story telling to make connections. He taught how story telling  causes the listener to make meaning out of the story, to expand their imagination and choices. Story telling crosses all cultures and is a way to reveal truth without imposing our values on another. By sharing stories with others, we connect to others and cultivate community.

Interspersed with the teaching sessions, were personal stories from members of Interim’s SEES and SOS (Success Over Stigma) Programs.  Jay, a client and former volunteer at the OMNI Wellness Center, shared how Interim helped him out of his depression and gave him tools to help himself and to learn to communicate with his family and others. Jay and other speakers shared their personal journeys to wellness and recovery.  These first-person stories served to emphasize the healing power of storytelling and provided inspiration to others who grapple with mental health and substance use issues.

Dr. Amie Miller, Director of Monterey County Behavioral Health observed, “The Wellness Conference showcases the innovative, recovery-oriented spirit of Interim where clients and providers come together to learn about best practices.”  Kai Martinez from CSUMB commented “The Interim Conference was informative and fun. It was great to see so many community members coming together for the day.”

If your service organization or faith community is interested in hearing these powerful stories of recovery and hope, please contact our SOS (Success Over Stigma) Peer Outreach and Advocacy Coordinator, at (831) 800.7530 x408.

This event is held annually in October, and we would love to have you join us next year.  Contact the OMNI Wellness Center at (831) 800.7530 x 431 to be added to the contact list for next year.