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Shelter Cove’s Kevin Gast Accepts Position as Interim’s MCHOME Program Director

By May 3, 2018May 4th, 2018No Comments

Interim is pleased to announce that Kevin Gast, Interim’s Shelter Cove Program Director has accepted a new position as MCHOME’s Program Director. As Program Director, Kevin will be directing MCHOME’s homeless outreach and intensive integrated services.

Kevin feels he has a good foundation for MCHOME from his time at Shelter Cove, a transitional housing program for homeless persons with a mental illness, operated by Interim. Kevin first began working in counseling services in 2003 for a school called Clarinda Academy in Iowa. The Academy provides long-term residential treatment to juveniles with criminal justice system involvement, aged 17-19. In school, Kevin studied psychology and sociology, with an emphasis on the psychology of disaster victims. When he graduated, he took a counseling job working with Project Recovery Iowa. Project Recovery Iowa assisted individuals and communities in recovering from disaster by providing community-based outreach and counseling services. Working with disaster victims taught him a lot about the psychology of trauma, and how to help clients that are in the midst of chaos.

Kevin says MCHOME has a lot of moving pieces, ranging from street outreach services on the Peninsula and Salinas area to a variety of intensive integrated services for people for people who agree to enroll in the program. Enrolled clients also receive assistance with transitional and permanent housing placement.  The MCHOME program model follows a ‘whatever it takes’ approach to moving people off the streets and into housing. In outreach, staff first works on establishing trust while encouraging clients to accept shelter or housing. Safety in shelter or housing creates a strong foundation for recovery to succeed. MCHOME works with over 100 homeless adults each year. Once trust is established, clients are evaluated for a psychiatric disability. If they qualify, and are willing to work with MCHOME staff, they are then enrolled in intensive integrated services, which include housing, food, mental health care and help in obtaining income through work or public benefits.

Kevin is looking forward to his new challenges.  To contact MCHOME or to make a referral, contact (831) 883-3030.