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Thank You Interim Donors!!!

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THANK YOU to everyone who donated to Interim over the holidays!
Funds raised over the holidays supported the MCHOME Homeless Outreach Program (Monterey County Gives) stocking stuffers, the holiday toy drive and other programs and services for people with serious mental illnesses.

Building Fund
Ms. Fran Baca and Ms. Julie Anongos

 Bridge House
Mr. and Mrs. Toivo Kask

In-Kind Donations
Artise Dental of Monterey
Gears 4 Good
Monterey Oral Surgery
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cohn
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Keefer
Mr. Bill Pardue and Ms. Barbara Mitchell
Ms. Terry Low
Trader Joe’s Monterey

MCHOME (including Monterey County Gives Donors)
Ann Mayer Hiller Memorial Fund
Avila Construction Company
Carmel Presbyterian Church
CFMCO, Fund for Homeless Women
Dan Baldwin and Anne Ylvisaker Fund
Fenton & Keller
Hayashi Wayland
Marina Motorsports, Inc
Marsha McMahan Zelus Fund
Monterey County Peace Officers Association
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Herendeen
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Kanow
Mr. and Mrs. David Epel
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Parrott
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rubin
Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Kostyshak
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hitchcock
Mr. and Mrs. John Shearer
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Webster
Mr. and Mrs. Mick McMahan
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Lundy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. River Gurtin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Edgull
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hale
Mr. and Mrs. William Melendez
Mr. and Mrs. Zad Leavy
Mr. Chris Myers
Mr. Hunter Harvath
Mr. John Hain and Ms. Jennifer Allen
Mr. Kurt Brux and Ms. Patricia Fashing
Mr. Neil M. Richman
Mr. Steve Kurtz and Ms. Elizabeth Mirante
Mr. Steven Silveria and Ms. Kim Bui-Burton
Mr. Thomas Jamison
Mr. William Rawson and Ms. Judith Sulsona
Mr. William Soskin and Ms. Marian Penn
Ms. Amanda Menefee
Ms. Asya Guillory
Ms. Christina Holston
Ms. Dana Cleary
Ms. Darby Moss Worth
Ms. Dawn Church
Ms. Diana Rosenthal
Ms. Elinda Hardy
Ms. Fran Baca and Ms. Julie Anongos
Ms. Janie Silveria
Ms. Janna Ottman
Ms. Judy LeRoy
Ms. Kate Spacher
Ms. Katherine Stoner and Ms. Michelle Welsh
Ms. Kathy Kirkwood
Ms. Lillian C. Rico
Ms. Lynn Johnson
Ms. Lynne Sexton
Ms. Marli Melton
Ms. Mary Gomez-Aarons
Ms. Maureen Lavengood
Ms. Maureen Mason
Ms. Nancy McInnis
Ms. Renee Franken
Ms. Rita Harvey
Ms. Robin McCrae
Ms. Sarah Hardgrave
Ms. Sheila Benson
Ms. Susan Alnes
Ms. Susan Kingsley
Ms. Susan Mehra
Ms. Suzanne Francoeur Taunt
Ms. Wendy Grainger
Senator William Monning and Ms. Dana Kent
Wald, Ruhnke & Dost Architects

New Bridge House at Shelter Cove
Mr. Alexander Ljubimow
Mr. Bill Pardue and Ms. Barbara Mitchell
Ms. Ly Le Gisse

 OMNI Resource Center
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Lopez

Stocking Stuffers
Ms. Janice Burrell
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Keefer
Ms. Paula Lewycky
Mr. John Robrock and Ms. Jennifer Coile

Holiday Gift Drive
Dare to Care Dare to Share
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lowery
Mr. and Mrs. Pali B. Weerasekera
Mr. and Mrs. Reuben T. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne P. Lavengood
Mr. Chris Kinard
Mr. Eric Gonzalez
Mr. Hal Hamaker
Mr. Robert Swanigan
Mrs. Karin L. Doss
Ms. Barbara Monning
Ms. Carmen Torres
Ms. Carolina Cortes
Ms. Diana Rosenthal
Ms. Judith Gonzalez
Ms. Kate Spacher and Ms. Cheryl Trotter
Ms. Kathy Kirkwood
Ms. Lara Clayton
Ms. Lauren Duvall
Ms. Ly Le Gisse
Ms. Margaret McGuire
Ms. Maria Lindley
Ms. Mary Castagna
Ms. Miriam Gomez
Ms. Sarah Trueblood
Ms. Scarlett McAleese
Ms. Susie Joyce
Ms. Sylvia Taylor
Pastor and Mrs. John Shearer

General Donations

AIM for Mental Health
Captain and Mrs. Cyrus F. Fitton
Community Church of the Monterey Peninsula
Ms. Diana Rosenthal
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Gorelick
Dr. Carol R. Lark, Ph.D.
Dr. Eric Jacobson
Ms. Kimiye Kendall
Leavy Family Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Peel
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold M. Hedlund
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Whitlock
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Page
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Oldfield
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Coburn
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gunderson
Mr. and Mrs. H. Dennis Trudeau
Mr. and Mrs. J. Breck Tostevin
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hammerland
Mr. and Mrs. Jack N. Thornton
Mr. and Mrs. James Nulty
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Judd Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Lemoyne R. Sharp
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Fettis
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Heinz
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Bispo
Mr. and Mrs. Randall H. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Kezirian
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Altman
Mr. and Mrs. Rod Skager
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Williams
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Gutches
Mr. and Mrs. William Wojtkowski
Mr. and Ms. Kahei J. Kyutoku
Mr. and Ms. Lloyd Lowrey
Mr. Bob Egnew
Mr. Bryan Cranston and Ms. Robin Dearden
Mr. Dan Limesand
Mr. David M. Howell and Ms. Yenny Supiarni Howell
Mr. Dennis Trason
Mr. Erwin Lenowitz
Mr. Frank Bottero
Mr. Jennings A. Leek
Mr. John Stafsnes and Ms. Iathan Annand
Mr. Robert Mills
Mr. Skip Lord
Mr. Steven Silveria and Ms. Kim Bui-Burton
Mr. Tom Bishop
Mrs. Carole Heinrich
Mrs. Doris Auerbach
Mrs. Margie L. Denner
Mrs. Patricia J. McDermott, M.F.T.
Mrs. Rosemarie Marsiguerra
Ms. Barbara Roeckner
Ms. Bernadette Rojas-Ramirez
Ms. Charlotte Noyes
Ms. Cheryle Rivera
Ms. Christina Holston
Ms. Cynthia Jordan
Ms. Dorothy Albee
Ms. Eby Wold and Mr. Sam Goldeen
Ms. Enid Cocker
Ms. Helen Hempel
Ms. Irene C Moulton
Ms. Jacqueline Onciano
Ms. Jane Stringer
Ms. Janna L. Ottman
Ms. Kathleen Cozzens
Ms. Kathleen Minor
Ms. Kay Kingsley
Ms. Kevan Clarke
Ms. Lupe Espinoza
Ms. Marlene Provence
Ms. Scarlett McAleese
Ms. Susan Johnson Willey
Ms. Virginia Lyon
Reverend and Mrs. Jay Bartow
Robinson Family Trust
The Nunes Company, Inc
Umeki Enterprises, Inc. 

Ms. Natasha Doner in honor of Barbara Monning
Tom and Diane Pardue (MCHOME Program) in honor of Bill Pardue and Barbara Mitchell
Mr. Michael Sullivan in honor of Cate Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Mello in honor of Denise Mello
Mrs. Shelley Sitzman (Community Housing Program) in honor of Erik S. Petersen and Karin S. Petersen
Michael and Debora Waxer (MCHOME Program) in honor of Herb and Eleanor Luehrs
Tom and Diane Pardue (MCHOME Program) in honor of Jerry and Jan Luxembourger
La Leyva and Larise Baker (MCHOME Program) in honor of Kate Spacher and Cheryl Trotter
Mr. Bill Pardue and Ms. Barbara Mitchell (Holiday Gift Drive) in honor of Kate Spacher and Cheryl Trotter
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Phillips (Holiday Stocking Stuffers) in honor of Katie Henden
Hiran Hopewell-Mathewson in honor of Radhika Mohandas
James Sullivan and Catherine Brennan (MCHOME Program) in honor of the staff of Interim

Mr. Eugene Mirabella in memory of Concetta Mirabella
Ms. Mary Orrison in memory of Dave Swanson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Weiner in memory of Greg Benson
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Peel in memory of Greg Benson
Peter and Linda Frederiksen (MCHOME Program) in memory of Greg Benson
Kathleen McMurdo (MCHOME Program) in memory of Greg Benson
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ritchie in memory of Janet Ritchie Feinsod
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Classen in memory of Jim and Marilyn Classen
David S. Sabih (MCHOME Program) in memory of Jonathan and Joel SabihMrs. Rita Perkin (Sandy Shores Program) in memory of Jonathan Hewer
Ms. Amy Krupski (Holiday Gift Drive) in memory of Joseph Krupski
Peter and Linda Frederiksen (MCHOME Program) in memory of Lorraine Pointon Callagy
Ms. Lania L. Bryant in memory of Melody Melusky
Ms. Corrina Rucka in memory of Mike Rucka
Ms. Valerie Souza in memory of Noah Guberman
Ms. Josephine Cruz in memory of Robert Cruz
Hope Foundation in memory of Sarah Francoeur