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Jim Kenny: 30 Years on Pearl Street!

By February 7, 2017November 29th, 2017No Comments

Jim Kenny

In this mobile society, it is remarkable when a person lives in the same place for ten years or more. So when you meet someone who has lived in the same apartment for thirty years, it is astonishing. But when you realize that this individual has a mental health disability, and has maintained stable housing for thirty years in the same apartment, the achievement becomes truly outstanding.

Meet Jim Kenny, who recently celebrated this milestone: 30 years as a resident in Interim’s Pearl Street Apartments. “Jim was one of the first residents to move into our Pearl Street Apartments in February of 1987,” stated Executive Director, Barbara Mitchell.

“When I was moving in, there was hardly anyone living here, it was so quiet, in the early days, I thought I was on a remote island.” Jim says with a smile. “I’ve seen a lot of changes over the years. People come and go, but Barbara Mitchell and Interim have been here for ill people like me.  It just worked out that I am the one who stayed the longest. I’m staying here as long as I can!”

Interim is proud of your achievement, Jim! You confirm that stable housing offers hope and supports healing in individuals with mental health disabilities. You are evidence that people who have a mental health disability can live a full, independent and happy life.